Monterey Meatshop Fresh Rewards

Shop with fresh rewards e-cash

With our E-Cash program, every Php 300 you spend automatically earns points. Points will be converted to E-Cash which you can use to purchase anything inside the Meatshop.

Card Enrollment

  • The Fresh Rewards card is open to all Monterey Neighborhood Meatshop customers, 18 years old and above.
  • A single or accumulated purchase of P500.00 is needed to be eligible for enrollment.
  • Membership is available on an individual or corporate basis. Individual members shall be referred to as a “household” member while corporate members shall be referred to as an “institutional” member.
  • Criteria for such classification shall be pre-determined by Monterey Meatshop personnel. Its revision is under the discretion of the San Miguel Foods, Inc. Management.
  • All qualified enrollees need to present the receipt/s of a single purchase or accumulated purchase amounting to P500.00. The cardholder then fills out an enrollment form which is available in all Monterey Neighborhood Meatshops  nationwide.
  • The completed enrollment form is submitted along with the receipt/s. The Fresh Rewards card will be available for release at the specific Meatshop where enrollment was made.
  • In claiming the personalized Fresh Rewards card (with personalized printed name and number, date/year of membership), a valid ID should be presented at the Monterey Neighborhood Meatshop where the enrollment was made. The temporary card should also be surrendered before the permanent card is released.
  • In cases wherein a customer representative claims the Fresh Rewards card, an authorization letter from the enrollee and photocopy of a valid ID should be presented.

Earning of Points

  • Every Beef, Pork, Lamb or Poultry purchase made at Monterey Neighborhood Meatshop can be recorded using the Fresh Rewards card.
  • Once the amount recorded in the Fresh Rewards card reaches P300, it is automatically converted to points, as follows:
Member TypeMode of PaymentPoint Computation
HouseholdCash4 pts. for every P300.00 spent

Credit Card3 pts. for every P300.00 spent
2 pts. for every P300.00 spent

  • Every Peso counts on the Purchase Value. Points will be converted following the point computation.
    Example: Purchase of Monterey Beef, Pork, Lamb or Poultry amounting to P299.00 will not be converted to points. Should card member make another Beef, Pork, Lamb or Poultry purchase amounting to P50, the P300.00 worth will be converted to 4 points while the remaining P49 will “float”.
  • Succeeding purchases of Beef, Pork, Lamb or Poultry will be added to the P 49 floating balance and converted to points once it reaches the minimum P300.00
  • A transaction slip indicating the updated earned points and electronic cash equivalent is printed from the POS terminal and shall be given to Fresh Rewards cardholder for reference.

Points Conversion and Redemption

The Points will have the following e-cash equivalents:

Member TypeMinimum Pts. RequiredE-cash Equivalent

As soon as the minimum points are met, the points are automatically converted to it's e-cash equivalent. Therefore, the Fresh Rewards cardholder can automatically make use of the e-cash as payment for purchases. The remaining points will be valid for future point conversion. E-cash balances are likewise valid for future use.

Limitations on the use of e-cash:

  • E-cash amounts are not convertible to cash.
  • Further discounts offered are not applicable to e-cash transactions.
  • E-cash purchases are not valid for Fresh Rewards points crediting.

Usage of Fresh Rewards Card

  • Fresh Rewards Cardholders are responsible for the use of this card, whether the card is used by the member or by a third party.
  • In case of lost/damaged card, the Fresh Rewards cardholder should immediately notify our Customer Care Associates at (02) 633-MEAT (6328) during business hours 9AM - 6PM, (Mondays to Fridays only) stating the circumstance of the loss or damage. The cardholder should re-enroll in person at the Monterey Neighborhood Meatshop for the replacement of the card. Old accumulated points in the lost card will be transferred in the new card after  replacement.
  • The cardholder should also report any changes in the personal information supplied during the enrollment form and tick the "FOR UPDATING" box..
  • Fresh Rewards cards will be honored in all Monterey Neighborhood Meatshops only.
  • The Fresh Rewards Card should be presented every time a payment is made. The "No Fresh Rewards Card, No Point" policy will be strictly observed. Points will be awarded for purchases made within the day only.
  • In case of delivery purchase, points will be awarded when the Fresh Rewards member goes to the Monterey Neighborhood Meatshop within 7 days from date of purchase & present the Fresh Rewards card with receipt. Points can be credited instantly if the Meatshop has a GPRS Terminal.

Other Conditions

  • Owners and employees of participating Monterey Neighborhood Meatshops are not qualified to be members of the Fresh Rewards program.
  • SMFI reserves the right to terminate or modify the Fresh Rewards Program or any aspect of the program at any time without  notice.
  • Fresh Rewards points for cardholder as reflected in Monterey's records shall be  deemed correct. San Miguel Foods, Inc. Management also reserves the right to determine the amount of points to be awarded for any transaction.
  • Privileges of the Fresh Rewards cardholder may be revoked at any time for any abuse of program, failure to follow any terms in the program and/or any  misrepresentation made. Any of these may also affect the cardholder's eligibility to further participate in the Fresh Rewards program.
  • In the event that the Fresh Rewards Program is terminated, cardholders must use up their e-cash balance within 30 days from the date of termination.

* While waiting for your permanent card, points will be recorded using your temporary card.
* No redemption / e-cash transactions will be processed using the temporary card.
* Your temporary card should be surrendered when you claim your personalized Fresh Rewards card.

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