Contract Growers

Monterey Foods Corporation provides:

  • Building plans (design and specifications)
  • Genetically Superior hybrid pigs
  • Highest standard of feed quality
  • Medicines and Vaccines
  • Technical support
  • Delivery and Hauling services
  • Ready market for all hogs
  • Competitive payment scheme

Hog Grower provides:

  • Agricultural land (1-5 hectares)
  • Pig houses and support facilities
  • Power and water system
  • Labor and Management
  • Security
  • Farm equipment
  • Permits (Barangay, Mayor, ECC, Permit to operate)

Required Documents:

  • Letter of Intent and filled up Application form
  • Location map: Technical description of proposed site and road map/sketch going to the farm
  • 1 pc. 2x2 picture and photocopy of 1 valid ID of the applicant
  • Sole proprietorship
    • Photocopy of Community Tax Certificate
    • Photocopy of DTI Certificate of Business Reg.
  • Corporation
    • Photocopy of Corporations Community Tax Certificate
    • Photocopy of SEC. Reg. Articles of Partnership or Incorporation and Board Resolution or Authorization of Signatories
  • BIR Form 2303 (Certificate of Registration)
  • BIR Official Receipt
  • Barangay Resolution
  • Barangay Permit
  • Mayor’s Permit
  • DENR
    • Environmental Compliance Certificate
    • Discharge Permit/Permit to Operate
Download Requirement Checklist
Download Application Form

Site Qualifications:

Capacity : 600 - 4,000 heads:

  1. Areas of Operations
    • Region 1 (Pangasinan, Ilocos)
    • Region 2 (Isabela)
    • Region 3 (Zambales, Bataan, Bulacan,Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga)
    • Region 4 (Batangas, Laguna, Quezon, Cavite, Rizal)
    • Region 5 (Camarines Sur, Albay)
    • Region 6 (Ilo-ilo)
    • Region 9 (Zamboanga)
    • Region 10 (Cagayan De Oro, Bukidnon, Misamis Oriental)
    • Region 11 (Davao City, Davao Del Sur)
    • Region 12 ( Soccsksargen, South Cotabato, General Santos City)
    • Region 13 (Butuan)
    • * Note: recruitment is based on area sales requirement
  2. Within the agricultural zone of the community
  3. 1 km. away from the nearest built up residential areas and farms

Location Must Have:

  • Abundant source of potable WATER
  • Reliable source of ELECTRICITY
  • An all weather ROAD, for 6- wheeler trucks
  • Good PEACE & ORDER

Investment Cost and Profit

Area Covered Nationwide
Module Capacity (Building Design)
CCS 1,260 Hds
P 967
P 10,952
ROI before interest
Minumum Land Area
1 ha

Application Process:
  • Accomplishment of Hog Farming Application Form
  • Site Inspection
  • Approval of Proposed Site
  • Submission of Letter of Intent
  • Issuance of Letter of Commitment
  • Submission of Permits
  • Construction of Piggery House
  • Submission of Bond or Collateral
  • Contract Signing
  • Seminar
  • Hog Seeding

Contact Details:

  • Jose Eric R. Cariaso - 09178123161
  • Manager, Capacity Development Group
  • Email add.:

  • SMFI Calamba Office
  • 4th Floor DenCris Business Center
    Brgy. Halang, Calamba City, Laguna
    Telefax-(049) 834-2010/4300
  • Emeliana S. Amarillo - 09175075136
    Regulatory Affairs Coordinator
  • Rojel P. Surigao - 09178514378
    Regulatory Affairs Coordinator

  • North Luzon
  • Rowell A. Gabasan - 09178678347
    Investor Relations Specialist
  • Vladimir A. Bayan - 09178258441
    Facility Design Specialist

  • South Luzon
  • Enrique S. Jabiguero - 09178031848
    Investor Relations Specialist
  • Arthur A. Torres - 09175684677
    Investor Relations Specialist
  • Nathaniel Gil P. Arca - 09178051059
    Investor Relations Specialist
  • Gary M. Patam - 09175117407
    Facility Design Specialist

  • Visayas
  • Eugene P. Camerino - 09175119576
    Facility Design Specialist

  • Mindanao
  • Philip P. Sardenola - 09228341182
    Investor Relations Specialist
    Posted Monday at 9:15am


Contract Growing Application Form (please use the application forms and requirements checklist-see attached file )

Live Operations:

Monterey has more than four decades of productive existence. A renowned and trusted producer of superior quality meat products that abides by the International Standards of Food Safety (ISO) and Quality Management System (QMS).

From our humble beginnings of having a cattle ranch business in Cauayan, Isabela in 1969, until our inclusion to the list of subsidiaries of San Miguel Corporation in 1986, up to the acquisition of Purefoods Corporation in 2001, Monterey has become the largest hog breeding, hog growing and cattle fattening operations in the country today.

For 43 years now, we have more than 400 farms all over the Philippines- owned and contracted, more than 50 of which are hog breeding farms, more than 60 off-site nursery stations, and more than 300 growing facilities.

Monterey is dynamically performing 100% artificial insemination to the swine breeding herd, with a separate, strategically-located nursery and growing facilities, technically, a three-site operation system resulting to a manageable herd health status of our animals. B-Meg, our sister company has owned and managed feed mills around the country, guarantees a freshly mixed ration for our hogs.

State-of-the-art facility such as the Climate Controlled System is adapted to our house designs to improve production efficiencies by providing comfortable environment to the hogs. This results in healthier and faster growing pigs.

We purchase biologicals, supplements, diagnostic kits and chemotherapeutics only from reliable manufacturers and suppliers to consistently ensure product quality and safety of our hogs, employees and customers.

Having more than 400 contract partners nationwide, Monterey has been very successful in maintaining the quality standard and system through our experienced technical personnel trusted to handle the macro and micro-operations of the company. We have a list of experts in the field of swine and cattle breeding, nutrition, health and diagnostics, husbandry, research and recording systems. Their attendance to various local, national and international hog trainings and conventions made them equally competitive, therefore making Monterey the first and leading swine integrator in the Philippines.

Our payment scheme has been refined and polished, making it competitive for investors and Monterey.

Monterey constantly aims to improve and modernized its operations. Expansion is continuous in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. This means more business, more jobs and more meat for every Filipino.

Monterey's Goat Farm is situated in Brgy. Quilo, Ibaan, Batangas where it started its operation in 2005. It is comprised of 4 buildings, three of which houses the 380 goats of different ages. One quarantine building is intended to isolate/quaratine the new stocks. As of the moment, it is being occupied by the goat's male population. The breeding and growing buildings are housing the mature does and its kids and the feedlot building is where the weanlings are located.

It started with 131 heads (124 females, 7 males) purchased from local breeders. Those purchased from Negros originated from Texas, USA while those purchased from Batangas came from Australia. Boer breed is the major stock being used which is the preferred breed for goat meat production. Napier grass, concentrates and Brewer's spent grains are the major feed sources. Special medicated feeds are also given if there is respiratory disease problem in the farm.

These stocks of animals are receiving vaccinations against foot and mouth disease, hemorrhagic septicemia and tetanus. Deworming is being done three to four times a year to minimize worm load. Mange treatment is done as often as needed based on clinical signs observed.

As of February 2008, the total population is 446 heads. The mature female breeders (does) comprises 46%, the male breeders (bucks) 3% and kids 51% of the population. The average birth weight of the kids being born is 2.90 kgs which is fairly high, giving the kids higher chances of survival. The average kids per doe is 1.7 which is an acceptable level. Mortalities per month average at 1.0%. Kidding rate has an average of 7.0% per month.

Slaughtering of goat for meat production started in February 2007, having an average live weight of 54 kilos.

For Quilo Goat Farm, the target operation for this site is around 600 doe level. Future expansions are already being planned to serve the increasing customer requirements for Chevon.

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