Monterey Cavite Meat Plant

Monterey  meats are processed following stringent quality standards at all stages of operation.  Right after slaughter, Monterey meats go through a rapid chilling process to prevent bacterial growth, thereby locking in the freshness and nutritional value of the meat products.

Because of Monterey’s strict adherence to the highest production standards, it was granted a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification. Monterey has also secured an ISO 9001:2000 certification, indicating the high quality standards followed in the slaughter, production and delivery of meat products as well as the sale of live hogs and cattle.

The Department of Agriculture granted numerous awards to Monterey for its quality standards that very few can live up to.

Monterey’s unwavering commitment to total quality extends from the farm to its nationwide distribution network.  Refrigerated trucks are used to deliver the meat products from the plant to Monterey Meatshops.

You can be sure then that the meat that bears the brand of Monterey went through the strictest processes and adheres to the highest quality standards, which most other companies simply cannot claim.

Monterey Cavite Meat Plant

1. Lairage

2. Hog Line - Capacity 150 hds/hour

3. Cattle Line - Capacity 15 hds/hour

4. Chillers

5. Fabrication

6. Logistics


1999 - Cleanest AAA Slaughterhouse
2000 to 2003 - Best AAA Slaughterhouse
2003 - Hall of Fame Award
2004 - Seal Excellent Award
2005 - Seal Excellent Award
2006 - Seal Excellent Award
2008 - Seal Excellent Award
2009 - Seal Excellent Award

2012 - HACCP Certification for Chilled pork and beef carcass

1st HACCP Certified Slaughterplant

Monterey Cavite Meat Plant is the very 1st ISO 9001:2000 Certified Slaughter and boning facility in the Philippines

Expresses the organization's commitment for CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and DELIGHT

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